List of services provided by the research group:

  1. Monitoring of the environmental fate of pesticides - Degradation, adsorption, leaching studies - Pesticide risk and exposure assessment. Relevant Industry-funded project: A survey of the degradation of the soil insecticide fipronil, fosthiazate, chlorpyrifos and ethroprophos in potato cultivation areas in Greece.
  2. Assessment of the population of soil borne fungal pathogens in agricultural soils with diagnostic qPCR tools. Relevant Industry-funded projects: i) Investigating the effect of a novel fumigant on the population of soil-borne pathogens via qPCR analysis. ii) Assessment of the levels of the most important soil-borne plant pathogens in soils from greenhouses in Western Peloponnese determined via q-PCR.
  3. Identification of fungi and bacteria which infect plant tissues and agricultural products.
  4. Estimation of the microbial population which deteriorates agricultural products which are destined for pharmaceutical use and as feed.
  5. Development of innovative biotechnological products based on microorganisms for the optimization of agricultural production (Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi, Beneficial Endophytic Fungi). Relevant Industry-funded projects: i) Isolation of indigenous arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and development of mycorrhizal inocula used for rhizosphere inoculations and the production of soil improvers (in collaboration with the SME FYTOTHREPTIKI S.A.). ii) Evaluation of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi as a biotechnological tool for the optimization of P uptake by plants (in collaboration with the SME NATURA S.A.).
  6. Assessment of endemic plants as sources for the development of new agricultural and pharmaceutical products of natural origin.
  7. Development of microbial inocula for use as starting inocula in wastewater treatment systems.
  8. Treatment and detoxification of wastewaters of agricultural origin which are characterized by high pesticide load (BIOBEDS).