PhD Thesis

  • Ioanna Mirtziou: The role of nitrate on the antioxidative system of Medicago truncatula, Supervisor: Dr K. Papadopoulou (2013)
  • Demetra Katsarou: Biosynthesis and regulation of glucosinolate metabolism in Εruca sativa, Supervisor: Dr K. Papadopoulou (2014)
  • Afrodite Krokida: Biosynthesis and role of triperpenoids on the development and function of roots and nodulates on the legume model-plant Lotus japonicus Supervisor: Dr K. Papadopoulou (2014)
  • Chiara Perruchon: Study of the molecular mechanisms involved in the detoxification of fungicides contained in agro-industrial effluents, Supervisor: Dr Karpouzas (2014)
  • Panagiotis Karas: Biological treatment of agro-industrial wastewaters with high, Supervisor: Dr Karpouzas (on-going)
  • Konstantina Rousidou: Study of the dynamics of bacterial genes involved in the degradation of organophosphate and carbamate insecticides, Supervisor: Dr Karpouzas (on-going)
  • Vasiliki Skiada: Endophytic fungi in plant roots: colonization patterns and mechanism of plant protection under conditions of biotic or abiotic stress. Supervisor:  Dr Papadopoulou (on-going)
  • Athanasia Katsoula: Study of the function and diversity of microbial communities in plant phyllosphere and interactions with the environment, Supervisor: Dr Karpouzas (on-going)
  • Panagiotia Markou: Diversity of triterpenes in cultivated legumes: biosynthetic pathways and biological activities