RNAi in plants & fungi

In this research platform we aim to analyze RNAi-based gene regulation phenomena in plants and fungi, such as:

  • induction of local and systemic silencing in plants (Nicotiana benthamiana and Solanum lycopersicum).
  • functional characterization of the core RNAi machinery of the beneficial endophytic fungus Fusarium solani (strain K).
  • genomics, epigenomics and transcriptomics of F. solani (strain K)
  • investigation of bi-directional small RNA movement between N. benthamiana and F. solani (strain K) (trans-kingdom RNAi).
  • in vitro induction of RNAi against fungi.
  • exogenous application of RNA molecules in plants against pathogenic viruses, viroids and fungi.

This research platform is performed in the framework of RNASTIP (RNA sprays as a tool for crop improvement and protection) is an MSCA-IF-2017 - Individual Fellowship (No. 793186) awarded to Dr. Athanasios Dalakouras and Assoc. Prof. Kalliope Papadopoulou, lasting from 01.09.2018 until 31.08.2020.

Link to RNASTIP website: http://rnastip.bio.uth.gr/





















Dalakouras A, Wassenegger M, Dadami E, Ganopoulos I, Pappas M, Papadopoulou KK (2020) Genetically modified organism-free RNA interference: Exogenous application of RNA molecules in plants. Plant Physiology 182, pp. 1–13.


Dr Athanasios Dalakouras