Panayiota Markou

Panayiota has obtained her bachelor’s degree in Plant Sciences and Biotechnology in 2011, from the Cyprus University of Technology and a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology in 2013, from the University of Cyprus. She started her PhD project in the Plant & Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory in 2014, under the supervision of Associate Professor Kalliope Papadopoulou. Her research interests are focused on triterpenoid biosynthesis in the legume plant Vigna unguiculata and more specifically, on the genes determination that encode these metabolites. Moreover, she investigates the metabolites diversity in different plant growth stages and in different cowpea genotypes. The correlation between triterpenoids and plant nutrients, is another aim of her PhD project, while the effect of rhizobium bacteria in triterpenoids biosynthesis, is also been studing.

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