Dr Panagiotis Karas

Dr Panagiotis Karas has a first degree in Agriculture from the Technical University of Kalamata and an MSc in Biotechnology in Nutrition and Environmental Quality from the University of Thessaly, Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology.  He did his PhD in the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Lab of Plant and Environmental Biotechnology under the supervision of Dr D. Karpouzas on the use of biobed systems for the depuration of pesticide-contaminated wastewaters from the fruit packaging industry. He has participated in EU-funded projects like the IAPP-MC-FP7 project Love to Hate, National funded project like the THALIS project SALTY-MYC and also bilateral project (Greece-Cyrpus). Panagiotis is a co-author of 10 articles published in peer-reviewed journals and he is currently working on the AgriBMP project funded by HCPA.

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