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New PhD and PostDoc positions at our Laboratory.

We are happy to anounce that our Laboratory is offering new PhD and PostDoc positions at various research projects.

Check the available positions below:

Project: ReASSESS - Revolutionizing the assessment of the toxicity of pesticides on Soil microorganisms: from single species tests to ecosystem approaches

PostDoc position in soil Microbial Ecology

Learn more here.

Project: Setting up a database for assessing the toxicity of pesticides on the soil microbial community

PostDoc position in Environmental Biotechnology

Learn more here.

Project: MINAGRIS - MIcro- and NAno-Plastics in AGRIcultural Soils: sources, environmental fate and impacts on ecosystem services and overall sustainability

PhD fellowship in environmental microbiology and soil microbial ecology

Learn more here.

For specific information about the offered positions, please contact Prof. Dimitrios Karpouzas ( Tel. +3024105652904)

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